Resolution World - specialists in conflict & dispute resolution
At Resolution World we base our services on alternative dispute resolution principles to support businesses and individuals in their enterprises. We pride ourselves on quick and effective resolution for disputes that arise in the commercial world, workplace and family.
Have you considered swift track resolution procedures for disputes that are otherwise heading for the Courts? Avoid lengthy delays waiting on court lists and seek early resolution by mediation, conciliation or adjudication.
Client and workplace relationships are vital to the success of all businesses and we assist businesses to safeguard their valued relationships through avoidance, management and resolution of conflict and disputes.
Our experience is over a wide range of dispute areas, including; commercial, agricultural, electrical, professional services, environmental, construction, telecommunications, employment, industry groups, education, and family relationships.
Client satisfaction is important to us. At Resolution World we bring innovation and experience to satisfy clients' expectations of expert, cost-effective and efficient services.
Resolution World offers skills and competencies in the following areas:
  • Conflict Management
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Customer Complaints
  • Training, Coaching and Mentoring
  • Advice and Consultancy
Services may be one off, project based or ongoing.
Print page   Resolve vb 1. to find the answer or solution to. 2. to decide or determine firmly.